8 Month Old Vizsla

I cannot express enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. We got our Viszla puppy in April and have tried so much training. We tried the books, we spent the money for training, we watched the videos etc. NOTHING seemed to be working for us and Bosco. Finally, after a few months of research my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and try this Training Program. I am not going to lie, I was completely skeptical about the whole thing. When Nikki came to our home a complete sense of calm overtook me. While I missed the heck out of my pup, it was worth every single minute. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought he wasn’t my dog! I was so impressed and felt awesome that when Bosco returned, Nikki stayed with us until we understood how to use the new techniques with him. I respect these trainers and all the work they do into helping train our pups and then US on how to keep all of us living a healthier, happier and less stressful life!!

7 Month Old Bulldog

We rescued Cash 3 months ago. We put him through training locally and he improved but we decided to move forward with the board and train program after finding Off Leash K9 online. All we can say is WOW! Nikki is amazing! He had high prey drive and pulled so hard on a leash. He also bit another dog …. requiring stitches. On day three she sent me pictures of him hanging with 3 other dogs calm and relaxed. He was off leash walking with her after a few days!! We were sad to leave him for two weeks but Nikki did a great job checking in and keeping us posted. So great to know he stays in the house with Nikki and her family. At the turnover we were so impressed. To see him completely transformed is amazing and so comforting to know he is now a more stable, happy dog. We are sooo excited for our future with our boy Cash! Thank you Off Leash and most especially Nikki…. you changed our world and we could not be more grateful!! Friends for life ??

1 Year Old Pitbull

We signed up for the 8 lesson package with Alex and it has done wonders for our family! After our puppy took positive reinforcement training at PetSmart, he still would not listen to our commands. The dog was running the the household and choosing to ignore us on a regular basis. My fiance and I were feeling helpless but after finding Off Leash K9’s training videos online, we decided to try the Off-Leash training. I was nervous at first about the concept of the “shock collar” but the truth is that you use the collar at a pretty low level most of the time, (and it feels like pins and needles if you try it on yourself). So, it’s really noMt that bad! My dog is no longer running the house and he listens to commands so well that I hardly need to get his remote or click to remind him anymore. It’s so nice also that I can let my dog run around in the unfenced backyard or at Washington Park dog park without worrying and letting him be off leash. Definitely recommend!!