Breeds that Make the Best Friends for Seniors


There are lots of things to consider when you get ready to adopt a dog and your own age, lifestyle and overall health should definitely play a role in the decision.

For those of us in our fifties, there are more senior-friendly breeds to keep in mind before making the commitment to offer a pup his or her forever home. And it may be wise to give due consideration to adopting an older (smaller) dog rather than a large-breed puppy, for some obvious reasons.

Depending on your lifestyle and whether you reside in urban, suburban or rural Massachusetts, a dog that requires less stimulation and room to roam may simplify the demands placed upon you as a pet parent.

As we approach retirement and entertain the prospect of downsizing and possibly moving to a retirement community there are still good reasons to seek the companionship of a pet. Many retirement communities are pet-friendly, and for very good reason. There is scientific evidence to prove that pets have a positive impact on our health, according to senior living experts from A Place For Mom. They compiled a list of senior-friendly dog breeds and expound upon the merits of dog ownership – and perks health-wise of such a commitment here at

Likewise, the folks at cite ways our pets can keep us healthy. Check out the story here at,,20810305,00.html.

If you still have questions about dog breeds most compatible with senior living consult with a veterinarian or two for their recommendations.

And when you find the pooch of your dreams remember no matter what your new pup’s age it’s never too late to brush up on his or her obedience training. Contact your local Hartford, Lowell, Springfield and Worcester, MA Off Leash K9 Training professionals. They have the expertise to address a dog’s behavioral challenges and develop a solution to such issues as dog aggression, food aggression, potty-training and obedience!

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