Make Your Dog Fearless

Getting a new puppy or even bringing home a new dog is always exciting! As we know, it’s not always roses when our new additions come home with us. Some dogs have potty training issues, some have aggression issues, some are incredibly fearful and the list goes on and on. For any potty training issues, check out our blog about this. In regards to aggression, it is always best to consult with a trainer or behaviorist to evaluate the situation and get the best and most effective help you can! Today, we’re going to talk about the fearful, skittish and timid tendency a new dog can have, and how to ensure they become confident, controlled and comfortable pups!

The reason desensitizing your new canine is so important is because there are lots of noises, people, animals and overall ‘things’ in and around the Hartford and surrounding areas. To make sure you can bring them along for fun activities and outings, socialize and desensitize them right away!

Here are a few things we encourage all new dog owners to do!

When You Walk…
First off- take them on lots of walks! When you walk with them, make sure you hit different types of surfaces. Walk them down the sidewalk (on concrete), and then over a challenging object (metal/steel). Strut over to play (in the grass), and make sure you hop up on a bench or two (something wood). Getting your pup to walk on many different surfaces helps them become more confident when they are strutting along. This way they aren’t jerking the leash and avoiding walking over a certain unfamiliar material

When You Eat…

Make your pup eat from an array of containers. Buy a few different dog bowls; a metal one, a plastic one, a ceramic one, and even a glass one. If you go to visit family or friends, bring a pop up bowl for them to eat out of! On occasion, or as often as you want, use your hands to feed your dog as well! This is especially helpful with dog that are skeptical of new people.

When You Go Out…
In the Hartford area you’re likely to encounter lots of different noises and objects. Make sure you take your pup out as often as possible and at all different times. Perhaps in the morning when they will hear the garbage truck, or around lunch so they can listen to the ice cream truck or see the mailman, and then in the evening so they can listen to the hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic. The more times they hear a new noise and continue on their way, the more confident they will be around foreign noises in the future!

When You Introduce Them…
Get them around everybody and anybody! Crying babies, running toddlers, adults who are coo-ing them, seniors who are eager to see them wiggle and play. Run into other dog owners on the street and introduce yourself and your new canine. Make friends with the local pet store staff. Bring them to meet their vet. Show them off to the family. Get your pup out and about as much as possible and they will be that much easier to handle in the future!

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